Austin Based Fingerstyle Guitar

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I was blessed with a musical upbringing. I can still remember being a young boy sitting in the car with my father and him drilling me on what time signature songs were in and identifying different instruments.

While playing violin for 5 years before picking up the guitar I developed a love of the traditional music of northern Europe which still holds my heart today. Once I learned about fingerstyle and classical guitar I knew I had found my voice and began to carve out my own style within the instrument.

Today, though I enjoy many musical genres I primarily play music influenced by traditional styles. I'm deeply fascinated by the study of traditional music from around the world and its connection with cultural beliefs.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to perform with a traditional African drum ensemble, partied with gypsies, practiced Tuvan throat singing, and rocked out in a church bluegrass band.

My belief is that music is intrinsic to the human experience and everyone can play something if even for their own pleasure and satisfaction. My hope is that through my music I can help to bring the traditional music of different cultures into the modern world, help cultivate a broader sense of understanding and empathy across culture, or simply make someone's day a little brighter with a tune they were otherwise missing out on.

Today I share that same passion to educate through music. For this reason much of the content I create is educational. The books of arrangements I write are almost always focused on training specific skills in an arrangement and I'll give lessons to anyone who wants to learn.

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